Amir Adib : Bio


Amir Adib is the Managing partner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Ayadam Group, and has been at the heart of its polyurea development for the last 15 years with current operating branches in Kuwait and Qatar. Amirs career has spanned manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and business and general management. He has spent the bulk of his career in the Middle East, including 12 years in Dubai, UAE.

Amir has been dedicated and solely involved with the polyurea industry now for around twelve years. During this time, he has been associated with a wide assortment of applications in nearly all market segments involving polyurea. His knowledge and experience stems from actual works in all aspects of polyurea from blending and formulations, technical specifications, project management, field equipment installations, applicator training and certifications, quality assurance and inspections. He has organized numerous companies as a startup agencies with equipment and application training in far reaching countries from Thailand, India, the Middle East, and Africa and as a result, has a formidable reputation throughout the industry.

Raised in Florida, USA, Amir attended the University of Florida in Florida, graduating with a BBA in Marketing.

Amir is also a NACE International Certified Coatings Inspector and is regarded as the foremost authority on Polyurea in the Middle East. He provides regular consultancy largest Construction and Architect companies throughout the region.

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